Hate is power. We can never doubt hate

By Vicente Disente
Seven ladies and from now and seven years ago...

A little prenote: This is not at all hating. It's just a simple analysis of my stupid and capricious hobby.

Hurt... I asked myself once; Love why does it have to hurt? And there i was, in a non bargaining position. A zero sum game where , in the beginning, I know that I'd lose. A zero sum gain in which I would only gain a sort of understanding of how women react to certain situations.

The first game, the nymphet yaya.

Describing her today would be very hard. She isn't at all that beautiful now (as i come upon a realization that love simply makes things more beautiful). In terse, re: just a brief description - She is snowhite. Uberly white, very well maintained, the softest as a matter of skin softness is concerned, angelic face, and a bit of strictness with a dash of G.O and D in her center.

She is heavenly kiss.

just an intro to get me accustomed on writing ala english.... Will fix and will write when and when I decide. To be continued.

Blogging again

Category: By Vicente Disente
I recently decided to start blogging again.

A bit of my shitty, little self:

1.) Just call me Visente

2.) I'm stupid and neurotic

3.) I want to write

Plain simple, eh?